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cask Cask creates lightweight, isolated Linux environments (i.e. containers).

redditfs redditfs mounts Reddit communities (subreddits) as filesystems so you can browse them with ls, cd, cat, and your other favorite Unix utilities.

jeego Jeego is a voice automation API. It's a clone of the Twilio API, built with Go and FreeSWITCH. You can use it to build phone trees, auto-responders, voicemail apps, etc using just HTTP and XML.

Talks Lightning talks and presentations I've given at various meetups

About Me

Hey, I'm Ian. I'm a 19 year old software engineer in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I use pre-alpha programming languages and unstable Linux distros to solve problems with code.

I started learning to code 10-ish years ago because I wanted to write games. My love for gamedev hasn't wavered since then, but nowadays I'm also messing around with compilers, web apps, machine learning, and everything in between.

If you want to get in touch, email is the best way. Hit me up at hello@ianpreston.io. I'm also on irc.freenode.net, nick yomiel.